Street Car

Forgot to update that I got another coupe for the street.

It will be rad don’t worry I won’t let you down.



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Whats up yall, well the 350z is gone I got into some trouble with the California Highway Patrol when I lost traction coming down a freeway offramp.

Old news whatever i’m driving a S13 vert now the engine needs a rebuild really badly.

Heres what it looks like more or less.

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I’m back!

I haven’t updated my blog in forever, but i’m glad to say that i’m back with some cool stuff.

The 240sx is no longer, everything has been parted out besides the shell and engine/tranny.

The engine may live on in a 86 Corolla sooner or later, we shall see.

But with the part out money I was able to pick up this 350z track model, updates soon!

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Coronado Speed Festival

I had the honor to drift with some san diego locals at this years annual speed festival held at coronado naval base.

It was definitely the biggest crowd i’ve ever drifted in front of, and I had a blast!

Here’s some pictures my friend darrick took.

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Car For Sale

I posted my car for sale on zilvia, take a look.

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For Sale

Bros I still got these Work Emitz and S2Rs sitting in my garage.

Unfortunately I got some tickets recently and I need to get rid of a set, or both maybe.

Look back at my posts I have pictures of both.

I’m gonna ask $1400 for the Emitz and $850 for the S2Rs.

Please let friends know or something, thankyou!!!

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Mad Mike

His tow set up.

Shit, man.

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Got to drift irwindale parking lot yesterday, got some good tandem in with chuck and karl.

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Riding So Low

There is no trickery here, just low.

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Some more cool pictures.

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